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Find a room in Rome!

Find a room in Rome!

Rome is one of the most interesting and amazing italian city, if you like the italian culture, history, style and food (yes, indeed) there is no better place where to move to get an italian full immersion. Find a room in Rome it's not very easy as in other european cities But if you are looking for it you are for sure on the right italian website! StanzaZoo.com which means "Room Zoo" is a free listing website dedicated to the flatsharing field and the rental market for young people moving around Italy.


Find a place is easier than ever, you will have to publish an ad (it can also be in english) uploade a picture of you to show how similing you are and then you will able to start getting in contact with all the people offering a room to rent in Rome or places to share! It's very easy, isn'it? and guess what!? It's also 100% FREE! If you need any help, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us (yes, we speak english, we will help you!). Good luck with your search!

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